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Re: Upgrade broke MD5 crypt

> Upgraded to 2.1.30 of openldap last night, now all my userPasswords
> which are in MD5 {CRYPT} format are failing probably because I can't
> generate a proper comparision. I backed back out to 2.1.25 (which I was
> running before) and it still has the problem, invalid credentials. :(
> after careful tests, i have concluded:
> - md5, smd5, crypt, cleartext, sha, and ssha all WORK FINE.
> - md5crypt, however, DOESN'T WORK
> the bad news is that almost all users have md5crypt passwords.

likely you changed something about your openssl install, which doesn't
contain (any more?) the md5 extension to crypt.


Pierangelo Masarati

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