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RE: Best way to manage multiple accounts

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> Well, let me give a common scenario: A person has two email
> accounts. This
> does happen. Now one solution would be to require that the
> user lose one
> account. However, there may be political issues with that, so
> the second
> solution is to support two accounts for that one user. How do
> others handle
> this?
> My thoughts right now are to have a People ou that has one
> entry per person.
> I then have an Accounts ou that has may have multiple accounts for one
> Person. I'm thinking I can have an attribute such as
> accountBelongsTo: that
> maps me to the right Person entry in People so that I can
> always determine
> which accounts belong to which people.
> Yes, I totally agree, everyone needs to design what works
> best for them. But
> it's only prudent to ask around first because someone else
> may have come up
> with a great solution already. :)

> Yes, this is the approach we use in Symas Connexitor EMS except we organize
it the other way; a Person object has a multivalued Accounts attribute
listing the DNs of all the accounts owned by that person. Obviously you can
go both ways and set an Owner attribute in each Account, and use a
referential integrity mechanism to keep both attributes in sync.

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