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Re: IDL sizes

At 12:45 PM 5/11/2004, Mcclure, James (James)** CTR ** wrote:
>Can anyone enlighten me on guidelines to IDL sizing

I don't believe there are any guidelines.

>and how to determine the number of items in a particular index file?


>I found the defaulted values in idl.h associated with a Berkeley DB backend, but I am not sure what those values really mean (per index or total?). 

Per IDL.

>Also with the current size of my DB (id2entry ~ 5Gig) does the default really cover my specific case now or am I encountering performance degradation without realizing it?

Well, likely the default is only optimal for a very few cases.
However, it's hoped to be reasonable for most cases.  Whether
its optimal, reasonable, or non-reasonable from your case
requires significant study and detailed analysis.