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RE: Password synching...

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> Greetings-
> I'm currently setting up OpenLDAP to unify our logons. I would like to
> have something sync users passwords with active directory
> when they are
> changed in OpenLDAP like Identity Synchronization for Windows does on
> SunOne:
> http://wwws.sun.com/software/products/identity_synch/index.html
> Is there something like this for OpenLDAP? Preferably open source.

To my knowledge no one has released any open source code to do this. In the
past I recommended using back-perl to accomplish this function. In OpenLDAP
2.2 I would write an overlay in conjunction with back-ldap to propagate
OpenLDAP password changes to Windows.

As an alternative, I would consider making all of the LDAP clients use
SASL/GSSAPI to bind to the directory, and just use Kerberos everywhere, thus
eliminating the need to maintain a separate password store for LDAP.

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