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Re: windows authentication (Was: slow search on indexed attribute)

On Fri, 30 Apr 2004, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> At 11:30 AM 4/30/2004, Ricardo wrote:
> >is it possible to authenticate a windows user (win xp) against an openldap database?
> I assume Windows provides facilities (likely many) which allow
> authentication off of a LDAP-complaint directory service, such
> as that provided by slapd(8).  Some may be more direct than others.
> Anyways, see their site (and other MSWindows sites) for details.

Assuming Windows provides tools for two-way inter-operation with other 
products in't necessarily a good assumption, especilly when it comes to 

> >if yes.. how can i do it?
> That seems like a question for forums specific to MS Windows,
> at least, that's where you should start such questions.

The best place to go to look for stuff on this is the samba list, which 
deals with a number of windows-unix interoperability issues.

FYI, I joined my Windows XP installation to a Samba3/OpenLDAP installation 
over the weekend, during installation of Windows XP.

So, please go and investigate on the samba lists.

Some otherplaces of interest: