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Using the referrals in (Open)LDAP?

Morning everyone

I just tried to find some documentation about openLDAP & referals, google must be on strike today. .-)
Anyone knows of some good referrals-specific HOWTO-like stuff? (I'm reading the relevant parts of the LDAP System Administration" right now, but apparently some parts of the "refferals story" are vendor specific, so I'll stil lneed something openLDAP specific too)

In particular, I'm interested in the following stuff:

1) Can referrals be added to directory like "normal" entries, or do I have to define them in slapd.conf?
2) Who is chasing the referrals, client, or the server? If client, will the library take care of it, or do I have to implement the logic for refferals chasing in the clients?
3) Assuming I've done an authenticated bind to server A, and the data is on server B, what needs to be done so that server B accepts me as "authenticated user"? That is, do I need to configure the trust relationships in addition to defining the referrals (and how)?

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