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Re: telephoneNumber Syntax...

>> I think the problems you might have had are related to the fact that
>> 2.1 used IA5 match rules, while 2.2 uses octetString match;
>> normalization simply strips whitespace and '-'.  So all your problems
>> with 2.1 probably disappeared with 2.2.
> Not last I checked, but I haven't checked thoroughly lately.  Try
> putting  an * in a phone number and let me know if it works.

That's correct; in fact, telephoneNumber syntax is validated
by printableStringValidate(), which uses SLAP_PRINTABLE(), which
does not contain '*'; I need to check if this is correct (i.e.
that SLAP_PRINTABLE() does not contain '*' and that telephoneNumber
should validate as printableString) but I'd trust it, although
I wouldn't object to a more liberal specification of telephone


Pierangelo Masarati