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Re: telephoneNumber Syntax...

> Hi!
>    I'm using Openldap 2.1.29 under Linux and I'm developing a little
> C program with libldap. My problem is, doing a ldap_modify_s(),
> every time I get an "Invalid Syntax" for the attribute telephoneNumber.
>    Anybody knows the right syntax for telephoneNumber attribute ??

Anyway, see RFC2252, 6.30:

6.30. Telephone Number

   ( DESC 'Telephone Number' )

   Values in this syntax are encoded as if they were Printable String
   types.  Telephone numbers are recommended in X.520 to be in
   international form, as described in E.123 [15].


      +1 512 305 0280
   [15] ITU-T Rec. E.123, Notation for national and international
        telephone numbers, 1988.

I don't have access to the latter doc, though; apparently,
you need to pay for it:



Pierangelo Masarati