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RE: Replication

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> From: Dave Holland [mailto:dh3@sanger.ac.uk]

> It's a shame that the multimaster code isn't supported. Can
> you say why that is?

Till I'm blue in the face, yes.

This topic has been beaten to death year after year on the list.
Most of the time I just ignore it when I see it raised now.

Read the mailing list archives.

> The relevant changes appear to be relatively small and
> localised. Is there any chance of support in the future?

Sure, as soon as some developer who cares about it steps up and takes
responsibility for it.

> I'd be interested to know your "right" way to enable
> multimaster, rather
> than editing portable.h or its .in file. Although you might
> decline, on
> the basis that that would be supporting unsupported code. :-)


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