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RE: Replication

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> In a nutshell, you need to do:
> ./configure [...usual options here...] --enable-multimaster
> --enable-slapd
> and then edit include/portable.h, changing /* #undef
> into #define SLAPD_MULTIMASTER (hmm, --enable-multimaster should do
> that, grr). Then make depend && make && make install as usual.

The --enable-multimaster switch has been disabled in the configure script for
quite a long time. Specifying it on the configure command accomplishes
nothing, which is why portable.h doesn't get it enabled. Since the feature is
unsupported and its use is discouraged, you're expected to know what you're
doing if you want to enable it. Knowing how to enable it is the first step in
"knowing what you're doing." Editing portable.h by hand is not the right way.

> This is what I have in one machine's slapd.conf:
> # Where to store the replica logs.
> replogfile      /ldap/var/openldap-slurp/replog
> # this is the DN presented by the other machine when it replicates
> updatedn "cn=ldapsrv2,ou=pseudoaccounts,dc=sanger,dc=ac,dc=uk"
> # we refer updates to ourselves
> updateref "ldap://ldapsrv1.internal.sanger.ac.uk";

If you allow local modifications, an updateref is not needed. Pointing a
referral at yourself is certainly not a worthwhile thing to do, in any case.

> I think that's about it. Any other questions, just ask. Similarly, if
> anyone notices a glaring error I've made, please say -- but
> like I say, this works for me.

The updateref is ignored since you're using multimaster. So while configuring
it as you have is a mistake, it's a benign one.

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