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Re: Mozilla address book and "(undefined)" filters

man, 05.04.2004 kl. 17.35 skrev Graham Leggett:

> I am stuck on the "undefined" elements of the search filter. Either 
> Mozilla is sending the literal string "undefined" (which I doubt), or 
> openldap is replacing the parts of the filter that it cannot resolve 
> with the string "undefined".

Quite right. There is no search string defined, i.e. there are no
defined or interpreted objectclasses or attributes that Mozilla wants.

>  This indicates clearly which parts of the 
> filter openldap is objecting to, but unfortunately at the same time it 
> masks the original filter, which means I cannot see what the problem 
> might be.

Your problem is with Mozilla. I.e., Ximian's Evolution works perfectly
with all sorts of Openldap and evolutionperson.schema.

> Is there a way to convince openldap to log the exact filter as sent by 
> the client as well as the filter as parsed by openldap? This way I'll be 
> able to see exactly what Mozilla is doing that openldap is objecting to, 
> so that I can take some kind of action to fix it.

Install mozillaperson.schema,  or whatever it is. This is where
everything goes to hell, since there is no standard definition for what
clients want, and mozillaperson.schema clashes with
evolutionperson.schema and also with officeperson.schema (MS Outlook,
etc). And there's no standard definition for what clients may do, or how
they do it.

A partial solution has been given by Adam Williams of this list, forget
what it is - sorry, Adam :( (myhybridperson?) 



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