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Mozilla address book and "(undefined)" filters

Hi all,

I have set up Mozilla v1.6 to connect to the openldap v2.0.27 server that successfully runs our mail server installation. Mozilla binds correctly, but then issues the following query filter according to the logs:

Apr  5 16:46:43 gatekeeper slapd[2202]: conn=11257 op=1 SRCH
base="dc=xxx,dc=xxx,dc=xxx" scope=2

I am stuck on the "undefined" elements of the search filter. Either Mozilla is sending the literal string "undefined" (which I doubt), or openldap is replacing the parts of the filter that it cannot resolve with the string "undefined". This indicates clearly which parts of the filter openldap is objecting to, but unfortunately at the same time it masks the original filter, which means I cannot see what the problem might be.

Is there a way to convince openldap to log the exact filter as sent by the client as well as the filter as parsed by openldap? This way I'll be able to see exactly what Mozilla is doing that openldap is objecting to, so that I can take some kind of action to fix it.