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Re: Multiple domains searchable

Thank you. I should be more specific:
- our main database is the one of our organization (university) with
hundreds of users, groups, serving multiple network services (web,
Kerberos, AFS)
- additionally we provide various services to few external organizations
(tens of users)

We use Postfix smtp, with Cyrus IMAP and store some mail-system info in
LDAP. But what is previewed on www.vriesman.tk seems to me to be a
one-purpose design aimed for mailing system hierarchy only. However I
wish to have a 'universal' one where each organization (according the
'dc' naming) has its own users, groups and is prepared to provide
various network services.

If there is no other way of design, how can I speed up browsing the tree
I suggested in my last email? Of course, I will index mail attributes.
Anything else to do?

Thank you.


Tony Earnshaw wrote:
man, 29.03.2004 kl. 11.26 skrev Lukas Kubin:

We are working on an e-mail solution for multiple domains, all contained in one LDAP server - multiple databases. We need the smtp server to be able to search for an e-mail address through all the domains in one query. I guess we need to only use one base for a search filter.
How should we build our tree then?
One idea I have is to create an additional object (dc=somecommonname) closest to root. Is the following a correct way?


Is there any other solution for this problem?

The above makes sense. However, if you were using an MTA such as
Postfix, you might want to put system-specific information into your
LDAP tree too. Then your approach might cause a superfluous amount of
lookups (poor performance if you host many domains).

Johan Vriesman (http://www.vriesman.tk/) has published a Postfix/Courier
IMAP solution. The idea is original; the English isn't terrific though
and it all needs some puzzling out, but take a look at it.


-- Lukas Kubin

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