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Re: Multiple domains searchable

man, 29.03.2004 kl. 11.26 skrev Lukas Kubin:

> We are working on an e-mail solution for multiple domains, all contained 
> in one LDAP server - multiple databases. We need the smtp server to be 
> able to search for an e-mail address through all the domains in one 
> query. I guess we need to only use one base for a search filter.
> How should we build our tree then?
> One idea I have is to create an additional object (dc=somecommonname) 
> closest to root. Is the following a correct way?
> [ROOT]
> dc=somecommonname
> |-dc=company1,dc=com,dc=somecommonname
> |-dc=company2,dc=cz,dc=somecommonname
> Is there any other solution for this problem?

The above makes sense. However, if you were using an MTA such as
Postfix, you might want to put system-specific information into your
LDAP tree too. Then your approach might cause a superfluous amount of
lookups (poor performance if you host many domains).

Johan Vriesman (http://www.vriesman.tk/) has published a Postfix/Courier
IMAP solution. The idea is original; the English isn't terrific though
and it all needs some puzzling out, but take a look at it.



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