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Re: OpenLDAP-Database Backup Strategies/Software

Today at 4:27pm, Karsten Gorling wrote:

> Since several sysadmins are subscribed here, who uses OpenLDAP on
> regular basis, I wanted to know, if there is a known solid hot backup
> strategy for the OpenLDAP database. We will use sleepycat DB 4.2 as
> DB-Backend. As far, as I understand the sleepycat documentation, a
> simple tar of the database-files and logs is prune to error, quiet
> understandable since the database might change during the backup.

If you want to use the sleepycat tools, I believe you have to stop the
OpenLDAP server and backup each database.

If you want to perform the backup without shutting down the LDAP server
and are using back-bdb, then you can use slapcat and it will be fine (at
least I haven't had any problems with it).  Of course, now that you have
all that sensitive data completely separate from the ACL's that protect
it, you have to take some step to protect it on the backup medium....

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