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Re: Problem with web based apps

tor, 18.03.2004 kl. 20.12 skrev B. J. Zolp:

> In replacing the first server I decided to do a fresh install of 
> the latest Redhat to bring it up to date from the old Redhat 6.x that 
> was on the old box.


"latest Redhat"


> Long story short: what do I have to do to be able to drag a php web app 
> over to a new box and get it to run on there?

Interesting. RedHat 6.1 was the first one I started learning Linux on,
in 1999 (after choosing it from 3 different Linux vendors). After years
of AT&T SVR4, UnixWare and OpenServer, etc.

What's the "latest Redhat"? What was your 6.x PHP version? What was the
Apache version? What was the Openldap version?

I reckon you may have a real steep learning curve to climb. My latest
RedHat is RHEL3 (kernel 2.6.4 ACPI/Netfilter 1.2.9), Apache 2.0.4, PHP
4.3.2 (from RedHat - update), Openldap 2.2.6. I've had to learn Apache
2.0 (BDB 4.2, Cyrus SASL 2.1.17), PHP 4.3 and Openldap 2.x to get my
things to work as I want. It took months, combined with many, many other
software mods. It depends on what you have to realize.



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