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Problem with web based apps

Hello, my firm has several ldap servers for managing contact and employee info. These ldap databases are accessed via two php based web front ends written by a former employee. Recently I have had to replace the two servers that these web based front ends run on. Although I am fairly familiar with ldap, I have similar issues with both replacements...

1. In replacing the first server I decided to do a fresh install of the latest Redhat to bring it up to date from the old Redhat 6.x that was on the old box. With this machine the front end and the ldap server are actually on the same box so after successfully importing the ldif from the old server I moved the php code to the appropriate directory and gave it a try. The php executes fine, but when accessing anything from the ldap database it will fail saying it is unable to access the ldap database (checked logs for both apache and ldap server and found no errors). However, when I simply execute this code while the old server is up and on the network it will access the ldap DB from it just fine, but when I take the old one down and switch hostname and IP to make the new machine similar to the old, it gives me the access problem.

I also tried simply copying the old DB over without doing an import of an ldif with similar results. Additionally, I did a fresh install of the same redhat version that is on the old server with similar version of ldap, php, and apache. This also had similar unwanted results. Only when I did a direct dd copy of the old machine to the new one did I get a new working system. So I managed to get this working well enough, but these issues lead me to my second current problem, which is more important. I thought I would include this first account of my experiences in order to perhaps help other readers gain any insight as to what I am doing wrong or perhaps overlooking.

2. This current server replacement is different from the first in that the ldap DB is not local and is left untouched in the upgrade of this server. The server I am replacing is basically a straight up web server that accesses the external ldap server with one php web application for employee data. I started with a fresh current distro install and moved the www documents and php over to the new box. After configuring the machine with the same ip/hostname as the box it is replacing I hooked it to the network and tested it out. All webpages and php code is served up fine, but I get a similar problem where it cannot access the ldap server whenever I attempt to lookup data. I know that the machine can access the ldap server via hostname/IP over ping and other network apps. So I am at a loss as to what is causing this problem.

Long story short: what do I have to do to be able to drag a php web app over to a new box and get it to run on there?

Any help or questions for clarification would be great.


B. J. Zolp