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Re: back-sql with PostgreSQL on FreeBSD

> <==load_schema_map()
> <==backsql_get_db_conn()
> ==>backsql_free_db_conn()
> backsql_free_db_conn(): closing db connection
> ==>backsql_close_db_conn()
> slapd in free(): error: chunk is already free
> Abort trap (core dumped)

>From what I see here, compared to my system, the error
should be somewhere inside libodbc, because you never
get to the log at the end of backsql_close_db_conn(),
and the only code in between is

        SQLTransact( SQL_NULL_HENV, conn->dbh, SQL_ROLLBACK );
        SQLDisconnect( conn->dbh );
        SQLFreeConnect( conn->dbh );

I cannot reproduce the problem, so I my guess is that your libodbc is
somehow broken; it shouldn't be a misconfiguration problem, since you
get up to schema selection.  A stack backtrace would definitely help,
but I'm not sure I can be of help in this case, since I have no chance
of reproducing your environment.

> It seems that for some unknown reasons database connection is being
> released earlier that it should be. I have tried it with both OpenLDAP
> 2.2.6 and OpenLDAP 2.1.27 release without any difference, they both just
> dumps the core.
> So the question is did someone has faced this problem already or knows
> the resolution for it? Even thoughts to identify the problem are
> welcomed.
> Waiting for your help,
> Andrey Nepomnyaschih

Pierangelo Masarati