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Re: schema and tree design

tor, 18.03.2004 kl. 16.01 skrev Zenon Panoussis:

> dc=dot
>    dc=com,dc=dot
>       dc=t-mobile,dc=com,dc=dot
>     dc=de,dc=dot
>        dc=dtag,dc=de,dc=dot
>        dc=t-mobile,dc=de,dc=dot
>        dc=detemobil,dc=de,dc=dot
>     dc=at,dc=dot
> and so on. Referals within the organisation will work normally and
> services like mail servers etc can search the whole tree and serve
> different domains seamlessly. The only problem I've ever encountered
> with this setup is raised eyebrows from tree structure purists.

Straight into my "HOWTO Openldap" folder. Obvious, really, I missed the
"dot" in X.501 (read "NDS") with the "dc" system.


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