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Re: pb build 2.2.6 on Solaris

tor, 18.03.2004 kl. 16.31 skrev Diego Julian Remolina:

> I know it should be possible, but since most of the open source software
> is developed using gcc, I prefer to use gcc rather than the sun Forte
> compiler(cc).  In the past I have found things that will compile just fine
> with gcc but will be a pain to do with cc (Sun's compiler).


> We do not use Sun's packages for a lot of things since we want to be able
> to recompile them from source as soon as a security problem is announced
> rather than waiting for sun to patch their packages and install them
> (e.g. openssl, openssh, sendmail, and many more).  We compile all of these
> with gcc without any problems.

If you can, *do*. Ever noticed how many SCO OpenServer or SCO UnixWare
people there are on this list (and there *is* a bundle of them out
there)? Exactly! Even though they could have recourse to gcc, most of
them don't dare. I did, so I'm on the list.


(Now RH Linux)


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