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Re: schema and tree design

On 18-03-2004 14:03, denis.havlik@t-mobile.at wrote:<br>

1) What would you use as a tree root for an international organistion? The organisation I have in mind (T-Mobile) consists of several companies that operate on local level, and at least one that is trully international. Because of the international part, using "o=T-Mobile, c=AT" (and so on ) doesn't sound right to me. The same goes for "dc=t-mobile,dc=at". At first I thought that I could go with the latter design, and use "dc=t-mobile,dc=com" for the international part, but that's used by the USA. :-(

I would be happy to go with "internal standard", even a relatively bad one, but it seems that there is no such thing yet...

I have created a number of multi-domain trees so far, and had to face the same problem. My solution breaks some standards, but works well if you can live without external referals. I use dc=dot as the top of the tree (from the DNS notion of . for the root). From there on I can hang whatever I want underneath and I can choose to keep the entire tree in one database or on several, on one server or on several. The result is something like


and so on. Referals within the organisation will work normally and
services like mail servers etc can search the whole tree and serve
different domains seamlessly. The only problem I've ever encountered
with this setup is raised eyebrows from tree structure purists.