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Re: problem with samba & qmail

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Jose Hidalgo Herrera wrote:

> I'm trying to setup some services with openldap, this includes:
> samba(file server and win* authentication), news, mail, etc...
> But I'm having this problem:
>   samba uses objectClass: sambaAccount & account

No, samba does not use account, it uses sambaAccount (or sambaSamAccount 
in samba-3.0.x) and requires some attributes of posixAccount.

But, beware, some versions of samba-2.2.x shipped with a schema where 
sambaAccount was structural, so you might need to get an updated schema 
(or just go samba-3.0.x anyway ..).

>   qmail uses objectClass qmailUser, that uses person, but according to
> the logs, I can't use objectClass: account & person.

Remove objectclass account, it's deprecated.