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problem with samba & qmail

I'm trying to setup some services with openldap, this includes:
samba(file server and win* authentication), news, mail, etc...
But I'm having this problem:
  samba uses objectClass: sambaAccount & account
  qmail uses objectClass qmailUser, that uses person, but according to
the logs, I can't use objectClass: account & person.

send_ldap_result: err=65 matched="" text="invalid structural object
class chain (account/person)"

That happens when I try to add the person's objectClass to a working
sambaAccount user.

I just want to make sure that I can't use this two objectClass.

I'm using openldap-2.1.23

What options do I have to setup samba and mail with just I account ?

Ing. Jose Hidalgo Herrera
PGP: 15524480
E: jose at hostarica.com

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