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Re: ldapsearch and TLS

Chris Majewski wrote:
Have you properly configured slapd.conf, ldap.conf, ldaprc?

Well, that's really the question isn't it...

Have you created a valid certificate chain?

I believe so, since at least once client (Mozilla's address book) is
able to negotiate an ssl connection with my server.

Did you read this site

Yes. Well, I have now. So here's the thing. This:

ldapsearch -x -b 'ou=People,o=cs.ubc.ca' -D "uid=majewski,ou=People,o=cs.ubc.ca" '(objectclass=*)' -H ldap://okocim -W


But this:

ldapsearch -x -b 'ou=People,o=cs.ubc.ca' -D "uid=majewski,ou=People,o=cs.ubc.ca" '(objectclass=*)' -H ldaps://okocim -W

doesn't! What's up with that?


OK, the first is plain ldap, the second is ldap over SSL involving certificates. The CN of the certificate must match exactly the name of the machine referred to in the ldap search. Here you've specified


My guess is that the CN in your certificate is not "okocim" . Try this ...

openssl s_client -connect okocim:636 -CAfile <path-to-CA-cert>

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