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RE: Adding Schemas

> What would be the most simple solution?  I'm using PAM for LDAP
> authentication.  Is that all I need for cyrus to authenticate?  IOW
> should I just drop SASL altogether?  If that is the case do I just tell
> cyrus to use PAM instead of SASL?

- if you want to store passwords in the directory
use simple auth with TLS for security;
- if you want to use unix passwords use SASL
(and TLS) with PAM (PAM_unix or whatever)
- if you want to use other storages, use SASL
(with sasldb, GSSAPI, whatever)

DON'T use SASL with PAM and PAM_ldap!

it is MHO though, feel free to ask others :)


Pierangelo Masarati