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RE: Adding Schemas

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> Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 6:39 PM
> To: Adam Williams; LDAP
> Subject: RE: Adding Schemas
> I did get the schemas to appear...now I'm faced with making
> Postfix (which
> is one server) authenticate against my LDAP server (on
> another box).  I've
> been able to configure the postfix main.cf file to bind to
> the LDAP server
> but I'm still getting authentication errors:
> pam_ldap: error trying to bind as user
> "uid=jgray,cn=Users,ou=People,sambaDomainName=BARDELCA,dc=bard
> el,dc=ca"
> (Invalid credentials)
> I'm somewhat confused at to whether or not I need to be
> running cyrus and
> sasl on the LDAP server for authentication since the mail server was
> originally setup to use them.  I've read the LDAP_README in
> the Postfix
> readme docs and there's nothing there that I haven't done yet.
> The user jgray does exist in the LDAP and has a password etc.
>  I guess I
> can't tell if the issue is with LDAP, Postfix, SASL or Cyrus or a
> combination.  Any thoughts?

You really need to think more clearly about what you're trying to accomplish.
Maybe sketching it out on paper will help you. What you've described so far
sounds like:

 postfix -> LDAP -> SASL -> PAM -> pam_ldap -> LDAP

This is unnecessarily convoluted, and all the steps into and out of PAM/LDAP
are ridiculous. Figure out what you really want to do first, find the
configuration that takes the most direct path to get there, then test it step
by step.

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