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RE: Adding Schemas

tor, 11.03.2004 kl. 03.38 skrev Jason Gray:

> I did get the schemas to appear...now I'm faced with making Postfix (which
> is one server) authenticate against my LDAP server (on another box).  I've
> been able to configure the postfix main.cf file to bind to the LDAP server
> but I'm still getting authentication errors:
> pam_ldap: error trying to bind as user
> "uid=jgray,cn=Users,ou=People,sambaDomainName=BARDELCA,dc=bardel,dc=ca"
> (Invalid credentials)
> I'm somewhat confused at to whether or not I need to be running cyrus and
> sasl on the LDAP server for authentication since the mail server was
> originally setup to use them.  I've read the LDAP_README in the Postfix
> readme docs and there's nothing there that I haven't done yet.
> The user jgray does exist in the LDAP and has a password etc.  I guess I
> can't tell if the issue is with LDAP, Postfix, SASL or Cyrus or a
> combination.  Any thoughts?


You'll get better help on the Postfix list. Don't forget that many
people there will have used your approach (I use a completely different
one) and will be able to help.



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