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Re: AW: sn/surname mess. Need your opinion

Today at 7:08pm, Tarassov Vadim wrote:

> Hallo again gentlemen,
> I am very sorry, but I really don't get point of all of this. After

Since you don't seem to be comprehending the technical details, let's
try an analogy on for size.

I walk up to a person and say "Quelle couleur est le chat blanc?".  The
person responds, "The white cat is white."

The person responded to me correctly, but in a different language.
We're both referring to the same object (cat), just in a different
language.  However, the cat is still a white cat.

In the LDAP case, the OID is still the same.  And OpenLDAP deciding to
always return the first (or if you will, the proper) name for the OID is
no more wrong than the person who responds to my question in a different

Now, if I can't understand what the person is saying, that brings up
another interesting point -- is it that person's fault or mine that I
can't understand what they are saying?  In the LDAP case, it is my fault
for not asking the question in the right language.

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