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Re: Problem with ACL and regex

> ons, 10.03.2004 kl. 15.58 skrev Diego Julian Remolina:
>> I think you should really turn it into an FAQ, ACLS are poorly
>> explained in the openldap documentation.
> That isn't all, though. In 2.2.x they work differently from 2.1.x. That
> is to say, that they don't, in fact - just that 2.2.x won't accept much
> that 2.1.x allows.
> In fact, the 2.2.x implementation is far more logical and thus easy to
> implement. But nowhere is this documented.

... except in the most logical place: slapd.access(5), which, since
its creation, is maintained as much as possible aligned with the code.

> You have to find out that
> your old ACLs simply don't work any longer and work out for yourself
> why. If you're lucky, you were half way there in 2.1.x already, so you
> can guess the rest and try. If you go solely by the Admin guide, you're
> sold.

The admin guide has always been one step behind the code, because
it takes a larger effort to update it.  trust the man pages, they're
actively maintained.


Pierangelo Masarati