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Re: Problem with ACL and regex

ons, 10.03.2004 kl. 15.58 skrev Diego Julian Remolina:

> I think you should really turn it into an FAQ, ACLS are poorly
> explained in the openldap documentation.

That isn't all, though. In 2.2.x they work differently from 2.1.x. That
is to say, that they don't, in fact - just that 2.2.x won't accept much
that 2.1.x allows.

In fact, the 2.2.x implementation is far more logical and thus easy to
implement. But nowhere is this documented. You have to find out that
your old ACLs simply don't work any longer and work out for yourself
why. If you're lucky, you were half way there in 2.1.x already, so you
can guess the rest and try. If you go solely by the Admin guide, you're



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