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Re: multi-attribute authentication

That seems to be a very PADL-oriented question...

in the LDAP standard you can authenticate with a dn + password in simple bind, or a user ID + password with SASL/DIGEST-MD5, or a certificate and a private key with SASL/EXTERNAL, or any other mechanism you want with SASL

but I think that your question is for simple bind, and the way pam_ldap manages it

so you will be more likely to have an answer on the PADL mailing lists...


Lionel Magallon a écrit :


does somebody know if it is possible to authenticate an user on more than one attribute. For example for an authentication with a posixAccount schema, it would be nice for me to use the uid or the cn to authenticate.

I've tried to put

pam_login_attribute uid
pam_login_atttibute cn

in /etc/pam_ladp.conf, but it doesn't work.