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Corrupted LDAP

Hi All.

We have an iPlanet LDAP running and now I think it's corrupted.

Someone added a register with dn not valid, but LDAP added it without problem. E.g. if the dn is "erc=333,dc=uninav,dc=es" the new dn were "opp=333,dc=uninav,dc=es" but opp it's not allowed to be part of the dn. However, LDAP allowed this dn and its register.

Now we can't delete this register, nor any new register added with good or wrong dn. When we try to delete from Directory Manager, or with unix LDAP commands, the result is "error 1: Operations Error". We have tried to modify the attributes, to move to another base...but nothing deletes it.

LDAP still runs ok, but it's only a matter of time to become this a big problem.

Anybody could help us, please?
Thanks a lot.

Daniel Merino
Tfno: 948-168951 - Sección de Gestión
Servicio Informático - Universidad Pública de Navarra.