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Re: Library version naming confusion

1: Be warned: I hate all others' rpms and all who make them and #%/&
others with them;
2: When others, for example RedHat, do this, they arrange for dependency
rpms. Which would, of course, mean removing and substituting all
associated dependencies existing on the system.
3: So, you do the same.

If the goal is to minimize the deviation from the "factory standard" set of distribution RPMs (this minimizing the admin work) then changing all dependent RPMs to follow the new naming conventions for this single set of libraries is, IMHO, unfeasible. It would mean that instead of worrying about a small set of RPMs I am trading that for having to rebuild a much larger set every single time.

I'm looking for a (hopefully) clean way to "bend" the OpenLDAP build to my needs as far as library naming goes, that's all.


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