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Re: Library version naming confusion

lør, 21.02.2004 kl. 20.01 skrev Jens Vagelpohl:

> Apologies if this is a FAQ somewhere. I am noticing that when I build 
> OpenLDAP 2.2.5 on RedHat 9 the libraries are not named...
> lib<foo>.so.2.x.x
> but they are...
> lib<foo>.so.201.x.x
> I am attempting to create a set of RPMs but on RH9 everything is keyed 
> to "lib<foo>.so.2", so the RPM isn't usable. Does anyone know how I can 
> influence this naming behavior, and do it "the right way"?

1: Be warned: I hate all others' rpms and all who make them and #%/&
others with them;
2: When others, for example RedHat, do this, they arrange for dependency
rpms. Which would, of course, mean removing and substituting all
associated dependencies existing on the system.
3: So, you do the same.



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