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RE: Proxy Cache in LDAP

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> Hello All,
> I'm looking for possibility of using proxy cache in somewhat different
> way than what it is really intended for.
> Basically, with the use of proxy cache, in a ldap operation for e.g.
> search, it searches the cache and if it doesn't exist there then the
> request is passed to the underlying LDAP or meta backend. In normal
> cases both the cache and the meta backend are the same server 
> or system.

I suggest you read the back-ldap and back-meta manual pages. Your
understanding of their use is incorrect. The data served by
back-ldap/back-meta can come from any server, either the local machine or any
remote machine. That is inherent in the word "proxy." The whole point behind
the proxy cache module is to improve performance when the target server is
far away / over a slow link. As an aside, the proxy cache is useful whenever
it is "expensive" to retrieve the real data. E.g., it might also be useful on
top of back-sql, back-shell, etc...

> Is it possible for a consumer ldap server to contain just the proxy
> cache and if a request doesn't exist in its cache then it would dip in
> the ldap database of a different system upstream possibly a master or
> replica HUB?

That is the most common use of the proxy mechanism.

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