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Proxy Cache in LDAP

Hello All,
I'm looking for possibility of using proxy cache in somewhat different
way than what it is really intended for.
Basically, with the use of proxy cache, in a ldap operation for e.g.
search, it searches the cache and if it doesn't exist there then the
request is passed to the underlying LDAP or meta backend. In normal
cases both the cache and the meta backend are the same server or system.

Is it possible for a consumer ldap server to contain just the proxy
cache and if a request doesn't exist in its cache then it would dip in
the ldap database of a different system upstream possibly a master or
replica HUB? It would not only pass the data it found in master to the
client doing the searches but also store it in it's cache for the future
use. This procedure would not be as same as referral which currently
exits with openLDAP. In this case instead of the consumer referring the
client to the different system and client talking to that system, the
consumer itself dips into the different system finds the data and passes
it to the client.
I wonder if anyone has already implemented this mechanism.
Any Idea would be of great help.

Prabhat Karki,  SCSA
Systems Integrator.
Desk: 913-227-1535.
PCS: 913-486-9769