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RE: lots of big files in bdb directory

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> If you don't need any of the logging/disaster recovery
> features, you can set this flag in your DB_CONFIG file when
> you create the database:
> set_flags	DB_TXN_NOT_DURABLE
> And then it wont write logs.  This may have other
> implications that I don't know about yet, however.

That flag was added in BDB 4.2 and is not supported in BDB 4.1. The original
poster didn't specify which version of BDB they were using; you cannot make
unqualified assumptions like this.

It's also a bad idea to suggest solutions without also explaining their full
ramifications. Since the original poster didn't know what the log files are
or their purpose, they clearly have not read the BDB documentation, and don't
know enough to understand the choices you're presenting. It would be best to
just direct them to the BDB documentation so they have the opportunity to
learn and make an informed decision on their own.

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