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Re: ldap_add - Error number 65: Object class violation

Note that this response is not only for your benefit, but
the benefit of this list.  It's hoped that you and others
will see how to break down a particular problem so that
they can better determine where to go for help.

At 08:26 AM 2/6/2004, Bobby R.Cox wrote:
>On Feb 6, 2004, at 09:06, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>Note that this list is for questions specific to OpenLDAP Software.
>I am using OpenLDAP,

Besides not being clear in your original post as to what
server software you were using, simply "using OpenLDAP" does
not make the issue OpenLDAP-specific.   I suspect you are
using Linux as well, but that doesn't make this Linux-specific.

>but I agree that this may be more suited to PHP.  
>I only thought that the ldap list could help with the possibility of object class / attribute  irregularities.

This isn't "THE ldap list" (emphasis mine).  It's the
OpenLDAP-Software list.

General questions about "object class / attribute irregularities"
would be more appropriately taken to the General LDAP list at

Lastly, you made it clear in your previous post that the
problem wasn't apparent when using command line tools.  This
implies that the error is induced by your PHP program.
The PHP list is more place to discuss errors in your PHP


>Thank you for your response.
>Bobby R. Cox
>Linux Systems Administrator
>Project Mutual Telephone
>Fix the problem,  not the blame.   <><