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Re: ldap_add - Error number 65: Object class violation

At 07:34 AM 2/6/2004, Bobby R.Cox wrote:
>This was initially submitted to the PHP list, but I have received no reply which would lead me to believe this might be better suited for the LDAP list.

Note that this list is for questions specific to OpenLDAP Software.
Note that there is a general LDAP list at <ldap@umich.edu>.  However,
given your statement:

>I can add an ldif with all the parameters that are being generated by the page from the command line without problem.

This implies the problem is with your use of PHP.  Hence, the
PHP list seems the most appropriate forum for this thread.  I
suggest you check the errorMessage field in the server's response for
additional information.  This should be accessible via PHP
somehow.  (See its document, use its list for help.)   Also, you
should check your server's log for more information.

And, if you really think your program is acting the same as
one of the command line programs, I suggest you look at your
server's log (and maybe use a network analyzer) to confirm
that.  Obviously your program have some subtle difference.