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Re: SSL/TLS - Help Please

tor, 05.02.2004 kl. 15.09 skrev Martin Ritchie:

> That line is in the slapd.conf so for the server. the command line tool 
> doesn't get to read that file. I had the same problem. I have no idea 
> how to get that suit of tools to understand a self-signed certificate. I 
> tried to switch to smbldap-tools but I'm having difficulty with those 
> aswell. If you find a solution to SSL/TLS please let me know, especially 
> if it involves samba.

Any client compiled linking the Openldap client libraries should use
Openldap's ldap.conf (not /etc/ldap.conf), so simply pu the CA cert path
into ldap.conf ('man ldap.conf') and make sure all clients can read it.



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