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Re: Log sequence error on db_recover

fre, 06.02.2004 kl. 04.24 skrev Manoj Lal:

>      I am having trouble recovering the slapd database after an abrupt
> system crash (system power loss). Running db_recover in catastrophic
> mode results in errors of the following form although db_recover
> returns 0:
> db_recover: Log sequence error: page LSN 1 343516; previous LSN 1 448705
> Another db_verify after this fails again. Understandably, I am able to
> start slapd but unable to access it. I am wondering if there is a way
> to recover from this scenario. Is this log file corrupted?
> Transcript attached. I am using Berkeley DB ver 4.1.24. On red-hat

Try mv'ing the log to an invalid name and running 'db_recover -c' again.
Try to update your BDB version to 4.1.25. RH should have an updated
version; this machine (RH RHEL3) runs 4.1.25 as standard.



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