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Re: problem with sets in 2.2.5 (not in 2.1.25)

--On Wednesday, February 04, 2004 9:57 PM -0400 Ace Suares <ace@suares.nl> wrote:

c. I am now using BDB 4.2.52 with the two patches applied. I use the
non-strong-crypto version. When I switch to 2.2.5, I can't use my
existing  database anymore. db_recover doesn't help. I deleted the
database and build  it from scratch, through the interface I am now
building (qwido, as you all  know by now). That worked fine up to a
certain level where I use ACL 'set' to  achieve something.
When I switched back to 2.1.25, apart from restoring the 2.1.25 schema's,
also  the database didn't work anymore. I repeated the procedure, which
is, I  chucked the database, started building it from scracth throug the
interface,  and of course now 'until the end' since sets where working
again. When I switched back to 2.2.5, again the same database problem.

Hi Ace,

I can at least answer this one --

2.1 and 2.2 do not use the same internal BDB format, therefore a 2.1 database is not compatible with a 2.2 database. You *must* (2.1 slapcat) your db and then (2.2 slapadd) your db.


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