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RE: Ldappasswd command executing very slowly

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Michael, RHEL3 is the latest RH Enterprise Server release - September
> 2003. Why would you want to upgrade *from* a version that doesn't
> support an awful lot of things any longer *to* a version that doesn't
> support an awful lot of things any longer?

The reason I'm using RHEL 2.1 is because I'm connecting this server to a new
SAN our company just purchased.  We have a support contract on the SAN, and
RHEL 2.1 is the only Linux that is supported under this contract.  If it
weren't for that, I would likely not be using a Red Hat product at all.

>>   I'm using OpenLDAP server (installed from
>> Red Hat's "openldap-servers-2.0.27-2.7.3" RPM) and nss_ldap/pam_ldap
>> to authenticate users via my LDAP database.  I noticed on my RHEL
>> test machine that password changes were taking longer than usual.
> Consider as far as Openldap's concerned, keeping up to date on what is
> happening on *this* forum, not RedHat's is paramount (see Quanah's
> reply).

I did say in my original post that I suspected this to be a Red Hat issue.
I only posted in the hopes that it might ring a bell with someone who had
run across a similar issue in the past and could give me a pointer.

Thanks for your response...

Michael Sims
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