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Re: Cannot find rootDN

I suggest you examine logs of the server to determine
more precisely what requests were made and what were the
responses.  The logs are likely to also hint as to why
the response was given.


At 12:40 PM 2/3/2004, Tibbetts, Ric wrote:
>This is a strange situation that errupted with my Solaris clients when I upgraded my version OpenLDAP.
>I can no longer get them to authenticate to my OpenLDAP server. For that matter, they won't even pull the profile anymore.
>When I try to run ldapclient on a Solaris 9 client I get this:
>ldapclient init -vvv \
>       -a profileName=eng.mlb \
>       -a domainName=eng.mlb.ldap-test.com \
>       -a proxyDN=cn=proxyagent,ou=Profile,dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com \
>       -a proxypassword=secret \
><OpenLDAP server>
>Parsing profileName=eng.mlb
>Parsing domainName=eng.mlb.ldap-test.com
>Parsing proxyDN=cn=proxyagent,ou=Profile,dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com
>Parsing proxypassword=adminadmin
>Arguments parsed:
>       domainName: eng.mlb.ldap-test.com
>       proxyDN: cn=proxyagent,ou=Profile,dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com
>       profileName: eng.mlb
>       proxyPassword: adminadmin
>       defaultServerList:
>Handling init option
>About to configure machine by downloading a profile
>findBaseDN: begins
>findBaseDN: Stopping ldap
>findBaseDN: calling __ns_ldap_default_config()
>found 0 namingcontexts
>Cannot find the rootDN
>findBaseDN: Err exit
>Failed to find defaultSearchBase for domain eng.mlb.ldap-test.com
>Not good. This worked before I did the upgrade.
>I'm missing something pretty basic.
>The profile looks like:
>Can someone lend an Eagle eye to this, and see what I've missed?
>dn: cn=eng.mlb,ou=Profile,dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com
>objectclass: top
>objectclass: DUAConfigProfile
>defaultserverlist: <OpenLDAP Server>
>defaultsearchbase: dc=ldap-test,dc=com
>defaultsearchscope: one
>authenticationmethod: simple
>cn: eng.mlb
>credentiallevel: proxy
>followreferrals: true
>objectclassmap: automount:automountMap=nisMap
>objectclassmap: automount:automount=nisObject
>attributemap: automount:automountMapName=nisMapName
>attributemap: automount:automountInformation=nismapentry
>attributemap: automount:automountKey=cn
>serviceSearchDescriptor: passwd:"ou=People,"?base;"ou=People,dc=eng,dc=mlb,"?one
>serviceSearchDescriptor: group:"ou=Group,"?base;"ou=Group,dc=eng,dc=mlb,"?one
>servicesearchdescriptor: automount:ou=Services,dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com
>servicesearchdescriptor: auto_master:nismapname=auto_master,ou=services,dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com
>servicesearchdescriptor: auto_home:nismapname=auto_home,ou=services,dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com
>Thanks in advance!