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Re: slapd became really really slow

--On Monday, February 02, 2004 9:08 AM -0500 Jorge Lage <jorge.lage@ilc.com> wrote:

Sorry, I got the version of our openldap all wrong.

The current version that we are using is:
v. 2.1.22.

Is this version still supported?
Should I go ahead and install the most up-tp-date version?

Also we biult 2.1.22 in windows and it was a pain in the neck
to do that! Do you guys recommend switching to linux/solaris?

Does it run ok in linux and solaris?
One of our customers would like to run it on solaris, but others on

Um, Solaris is unix. ;)

That aside, Solaris and OpenLDAP have been working very well together for us (note that we use Solaris 8, not Solaris 9, which didn't work well for me, at least). A number of people seem to be using OpenLDAP with Linux without problem as well (although I haven't (as yet) tested that).


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