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db region files, txn logs, and db files should all exist in separate directories

Currently there is no way to split off  the txn logs, db files,
and db region files into three separate directories.
This would help with performance (especially on the master
server), as the three separate components could be placed 
on separate disks.

db region files (__db.*) -> /var/ldap/openldap-bdb
db files (*.bdb) -> /var/ldap/openldap-bdb/data
txn logs (log.*) -> /var/ldap/openldap-bdb/transaction_log

The only configuration option available right now is the bdb
directory, and all the above mentioned files get created in that

If there exists some ways to fix this, I would appreciate it...
If not, do I file this as an enhancement request in the openldap
bug repository?


Ashish Gawarikar