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Re: cn=Monitor no information


Nacho Diaz Asenjo <nacho@di.uc3m.es> writes:

>  Hi!
> I've compiled OpenLDAP with --enable-monitor opcion and at the end of my
> slapd.conf, i've written these lines:
> --- begin ---
> database        monitor
> rootdn          "cn=Administrador Monitor,cn=monitor"
> rootpw          *****
> access to dn.subtree=cn=monitor
>        by dn.exact="cn=Administrador LDAP,o=Universidad Carlos III,c=es"
> write
>        by dn.exact="cn=Administrador Monitor,cn=monitor" write
>        by * none

That wouldn't work, "cn=Administrador Monitor,cn=monitor" has no
entry within the naming context. 
ldapsearch -x -D "cn=Administrador LDAP,o=Universidad Carlos III,c=es"
-W -b "cn=monitor" -s sub
would present you some results.


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