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Re: MIT Kerberos v5 and OpenLDAP

And let me tell you, it's really slick when you get it to work.  I'm using 
heimdal krb5, and the whole thing just fits right in.  Kudos to all of the 
developers,  I am in awe of your programming kung-fu.


> krb5 and libgssapi will solve most of your problems. If a user has to
> store her password in a directory you may use an other sasl mechanism,
> that is sasl mechanism gssapi for krb5 principals and sasl mechanism
> digst-md5 for directory stored passwords.
> > I?m also looking for the schema: ?krb5-kdc.schema? where can this be found?
> krb5-kdc.schema would only make sense with heimdal krb5 but not with MIT
> krb5.
> -Dieter

  Jeremy Hallum, System Manager , Astronomy, University of Michigan
                    "Audentis Fortuna Iuvat"