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Re: AW: AW: Automount on Solaris 8 + OpenLDAP

--On Monday, February 02, 2004 10:18 AM +0100 "Gemeiner, Jan" <Jan.Gemeiner@dresdner-bank.com> wrote:

Sorry,  but the tread was AUTOMOUNT ON SOLARIS 8 + OPENLDAP.
Are you shure that you are referring to this???

I know how to get NIS/password information, except the automounter maps.

Okay. ;)

Doing a quick google on Automount & LDAP & Solaris 8 shows the following:

Posted on: 2004/1/25 17:33
Re: Automount Maps under Solaris 8/iPlanet 5.2
It should work. Make sure the LDAP profile does reflect the automount map location in the ldap tree. Also note that Solaris 8 requires kernel level > 21 for full functions.

I also find this:

which has instructions from someone who got automount working on Solaris, Linux, and Irix.

Hail the power of Google. :P


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