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Re: BDB corruption on every unclean shutdown

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 04:55:40 +0100
Emmanuel Seyman <seyman@wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> Does this happen often?
> I've run whole networks of Linux serveurs and crashes and power losses
> (always due to hardware defects) were few ands far between.
More often than it should, I'm afraid - about once every two weeks. The
main problem here is that our power grid is rather flaky, the UPS has
died recently and to complicate things even further I have to wait for
the management to approve the expenses - which means it'll take at least
two more weeks for the replacement battery to arrive and even more for
the electricians to rewire at least this section of the mains (which
probably won't help much because the glitches affect the whole

In short, this server has to work in quite unfriendly conditions and I
have to bear with what I have for a while, with trying to mitigate all
the problems as they appear being the best (and the only sensible)